This is so much better than attacking the edges of the manhole with a hammer and chisel or screwdriver. Hopefully the Welsh inventors of the ManUp Key will win some kind of award from the Welsh Development Agency for services to man and his holes!

Roger Bisby, Professional Builder Magazine – 2016

Why Hammer Down?



When You Can Hammer Up!


 Costs Less

I go straight for this (the key) and they always come up
The ManUp Key replaces many other tools needed to raise stubborn manholes, no broken man-holes, it means no other agencies need to be commissioned, all tips available to fit one device . . .
An indicative cost of a broken man-hole – labour, fuel, parts = £1850


Weighs Less

The ManUp Key replaces many other heavy releasing and raising tools,
all tips available to fit one device often replacing many keys needed
to raise stubborn manholes . . .
An indicative weight reduction of 50%


Saves Time

This has saved us time on the job
The ManUp Key is proven to lift stubborn man-hole covers everytime,
saving time in hammering down, chiselling around the edges, requiring
large tools and specialised equipment and further agencies . . .
An indicative time saving on stubborn man-holes = 145 hrs per annum


Saves ‘You’

Then another colleague said, “look at his straight back” and the job was done
Due to the upright position and the ability to get the ManUp Key to do the work
There are more than 350 back injuries per year in the drainage industry


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