ManUp Key

Revolutionary new way of freeing stuck manholes

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ManUp Key

Revolutionary New Manhole Lifting Tool

The ManUp Key is a revolutionary new way of lifting manholes. Manholes can now be lifted without chiselling or hammering. The ManUp Key provides a one man solution whilst still ensuring safe lifting and manual handling.

Don't Hammer Up

No More Struggling with stuck manholes

This new patent pending tool provides a momentary upward force of 1.5 tonnes! Thanks to the 8Kg weight and slide hammer action you are effectively hammering the manhole up!

Hammer Down!

Never crack or break a manhole again!

This cost-effective new tool will prevent damage when lifting even the most stubborn, wedged in manholes. Damaging a manhole with a hammer and chisel can result in a very costly replacement.

Challenge the Green Man

Challenge the big green man!

If the ManUp Key does not live up to your expectations, does not lift the most stubborn wedged in manholes, save you thousand of pounds on repairs or is not a long lasting durable tool, then take advantage of our money back guarantee.